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My First Happy Mail

My first month, I had 4 orders. It doesn't sound like much, but honestly, I was thrilled. Especially because none of them were my mom (or my mom's friends). But the coolest thing? All four of those people left me a 5 star rating and one of them wrote me the most meaningful email (some of the fine print has been removed):


Hi, Lauren! 

I wanted to let you know just how amazing everything is that came in my first package! From the colors, textures, patterns and quirky little extras, to the eclectic feels and groovy vibes, there is so much to work with and I could not be happier! You have a true gift for finding the unique, whimsical and rare.

... I swear, it was like opening a package from a friend who has known me for years, not someone who only read a few answers from a survey.

... I want to really thank you for offering this service to people. I have been an avid writer all of my life and have had two small pieces published. During the last three years as my health has gotten worse, I somewhere stopped along the way. The items in my box, they gave me inspiration to not only make sure I’m keeping my planner side of things in order, but I have that fire lit again to put my thoughts on paper; no matter how small they may seem at the time.

Many blessings,



WOAH!! Talk about a boost to keep going with a project. I felt like Katie really connected with the purpose of why I started Found and Flowered - to inspire people to take time to write and feel good about creating and confident to just start putting something down on paper! I responded with a lot of rambling but this sentence really summed it up - "It's amazing to put something out into the world and feel like it's connecting with the exact right people." Thank you Katie!

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