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Unboxing of Found and Flowered

One of the greatest and most unexpected things I've encountered since starting Found and Flowered is the people I've met through social media. One of these inspiring people is Kelli, an art baby from Texas. We connected on Instagram and talked about different art journal techniques, favorite ephemera pieces, and things that inspire us to create - and probably things like cats or other unrelated to journaling things : )

Kelli makes really amazing #unboxing videos on Youtube - including a few of Found and Flowered! What I really love about them is that they are honest and she shows a lot of personality. She may self-describe herself as a "long-winded blowhard", but I think hearing her stream-of-consciousness type review is actually really refreshing. She'll talk about why a specific piece of paper is particularly inspiring or how she doesn't really care for another piece, but knows the perfect person to gift it to.

Anyway, watch one of Kelli's videos below and tell us what you think!

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