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What's in a Name?

Why is my subscription box called Found and Flowered? I think it actually comes down to Instagram - which doesn't sound very creative, does it? Let me explain. I started thinking of the concept for this sub box and began the feverish notebook scribbling:

As you can see, I was very original with "Page One" and "The First Page" and so on. These were, of course, already taken on Instagram and probably every social media platform. I moved on - some of these names are real gems. What if I had named the box "Just Glue It" (like Nike Just Do It... omg I'm dying that I'm sharing these).

When words were still failing me (clearly), I started thinking about imagery and a logo and the brand feel. I got to the point where I knew I wanted my logo to be a flower sketch that my grandmother made. Maybe a notebook logo would have been more relevant, but something about the little flowers seemed magical and whimsical and ethereal and added to the charm and uniqueness of the box. I tentatively settled for Found and Flowered.

The "Found" part because most of my materials are found in really awesome places where you never know what to expect. I love a good road trip where my only goal is to stop at every antique store, stationery boutique, general store - the funkier the better. There is a real sensation of, "Woah, look what I found!" in each packet.

The more I thought about the name, the more I liked it because everyone knows the more you write and create, the more you learn about yourself, which helps you find yourself. And when you find yourself and know yourself, you bloom in your own skin, and flower. So, ta da, Found and Flowered. Find yourself in your creativity and grow and flower. 

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